Are you a lover of Mediterranean cuisine? Welcome to Llorca Restaurant! In it you will find a wonderful place where you can taste the best of our gastronomy in front of the spectacular Mediterranean.

From our stoves come the most delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Elaborate entrees based on fresh ingredients of the best quality and the most traditional recipes provide unique flavors and textures.

We have an extensive menu full of flavor in which our paellas, fresh seafood and special meats stand out.


In the Llorca Restaurant, we want you to eat well, even if you are away from home. That’s why we offer you different menus that are varied and balanced, every day of the week.

Daily menu (Monday to Friday)

First two (to choose)

Two seconds (to choose)

Two third parties (to choose)

Dessert and drink

Set menu on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

House appetizer

Top two

Two seconds (to choose)

Dessert and drinks